Servers & Storage

We are committed to the delivery of data management and virtualization of technologies at all levels of the enterprise. We are a trusted technology advisor, and deliver cost effective and robust architectures into your IT landscape. We ensure that our clients are applying the latest and most reliable technology segments into their organization.

The storage solutions we offer range from:

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A SAN can provide extremely fast and robust architecture to centralize your data storage environment, through the use of Fiber Channel, and/or ISCSI protocols.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS architecture provides multi-protocol file sharing of data delivered over the standard Ethernet network, sharing of Windows and/or UNIX data-sets.

Internally Virtualized Storage

Provides the ability to create pools of disks, to ensure that a given data-set can access as many disk spindles as possible to provide optimal performance. It also eases the burden on system administration.

Network Based Virtualization

Moves the virtualization process into the Storage Network, allowing aggregation of multiple components, not through a system, but through the storage network itself.